Чемпионат европы выставка собак 2019

14 th till 16 th June 2019

Dear judges, exhibitors, employees and visitors!

The EURODOG (EDS) and AUSTRIAN WINNER (AWS) 2019 exceeded with a total of 20.056 exhibited dogs and 12.500 visitors all expectations and have undoubtedly been the major cynological event of the year. Of course, such a major event also represents a special logistical and organizational challenge. Naturally, minor errors and breakdowns cannot be avoided. So we have all mastered this challenge very well in my view and need not fear the comparison with other big dog shows.

Therefore, I would like to thank you all very much for the honorary cooperation and your participation in the name of the ÖKV board. Without your support, this major event would not have been possible and you have contributed significantly to the success of EDS and AWS 2019.

We received countless letters of thanks in which the event was rated very positively and the Austrian hospitality was also positively mentioned.

Unfortunately, criticism is also being made in the "social media" that does not correspond to the facts. Therefore, allow me, in the following words, to correct these points of criticism, from the point of view of the organizer:

1. Waiting times:

The entrance of the dogs was always indicated by us with 8:00 o’clock and also the approximately 500 coworkers became active with this time in the halls. Due to the requirements of the authorities (veterinary regulations, control of the vaccination passports) some earlier entry required by some was not possible at short notice. The employees of the approximately 160 industrial exhibitors were also on site at this time to secure their goods against possible thefts. It should be noted, however, that all waiting dog exhibitors had passed by 9:30 clock at the latest, in time for judging, the inlet. Also, the time program specified for each rating ring would have offered the possibility for a later arrival.

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2. Emergency:

In the media, the incident in which exhibitors unlawfully opened an emergency exit by force was also reproduced as an example of the organization’s failure. It is the task of the security service commissioned by the ÖKV to supervise compliance with the statutory provisions (animal disease law, specification of the authority in the sense of the issued event permit) and to ensure the maintenance of order.

3. Heat:

The temperatures were early summer but quite bearable in the halls for the issued dogs. Early temperatures during the intake of 30 degrees and more, do not correspond to the truth.

4. Ring of Honor:

Due to the high number of registrations, the starting times of the main ring were postponed by 1 hour, so that all exhibitors had the same chances to participate in the final competitions. Despite this shift, the ring of honor ended on all three days just after 19:30 clock, which can be described in international comparison at such major events as early. Thus, all exhibitors and judges had the opportunity to dine in time and to recover for the next day.

Even before this event, there were constant false reports in the mentioned media. With various horror reports or horror scenarios that, despite the false content did not occur, but have caused a considerable amount of additional e-mails and a significant deregistration of previously reported dogs.

Unfortunately, an EDP error made it impossible to print the documents on Sunday at the EDS. The missing results were added until Tuesday, all documents sent and the results put online. I apologize for this breakdown.

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It is clear that at a dog show only the handlers / owners of winning dogs are completely satisfied. The "postings" published in the social media reach only a very low percentage of the total number of exhibitors and the number of visitors to the EDS and Austrian Winner 2019. A fact which for me is an indication that all our work was by no means bad and we may well be proud to have held this event.

Thanks again for your help.

Dr. Michael Kreiner

Главная » Euro Dog Show 2019 Austria, Wels

Австрия, Вельс
World Dog Show 2019 & Austrian Winner 2019 2xCACIB

План поездки:

  • 11.06 — отъезд из Москвы, погрузка в ночь с 10-го на 11-е с 00.00 до 2.00 Место отъезда>>
  • 12.06 — техническая остановка, отдых в отеле в Польше
  • 13.06 — приезд в Австрию, размещение в отеле
  • 14.06 — 3,7,8,10 гр FCI (EDS); 2,4,6 — (AW)
  • 15.06 — 1,5,9 гр FCI (EDS); 3,7,8,10 — (AW)
  • 16.06 — 2,4,6 гр FCI (EDS); 1,5,9 — (AW)
  • 16.06 — отъезд в Москву после бэстов
  • 17.06 — техническая остановка, отдых в отеле в Польше
  • 18.06 — приезд в Москву вечером

Сайт организаторов>>

Информация по записи:

до 15.03.2019
World Dog Show
1 ая собака — 100 евро
2-ая собака одного владельца (без каталога) — 95 евро
щенки, ветераны — 90 евро

Austrian Winner
1 ая собака — 65 евро
2-ая собака одного владельца (без каталога) — 60 евро
щенки, ветераны — 55 евро

Правила присвоения титулов:
Юный Чемпион Австрии:
— 3JCAC;
— 2JCAC и 1 CAC в промежуточном или открытом классе в возрасте до 24 месяцев

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Чемпион Австрии:
— 4 САС в Австрии. Между первым и последним САС — не менее 1 года и 1 дня. САС в каждом классе
— Для рабочих собак 2 CAC в рабочем классе + 1 CAC в промежуточном или открытом классе
или 6 CAC в любом классе, кроме рабочего.
Разрешено выставлять купированных собак, рожденных до 01.01.2008

Дата проведения

Окончание регистрации




MESSE WELS, Messe Wels GmbH, Messeplatz 1, A-4600 Wels





Сертификатный класс:

100 евро

Класс щенков и ветеранов:

90 евро

Конкурс питомников:

60 евро

Конкурс пар:

60 евро

Конкурс хендлеров:

30 евро

Дополнительная информация


Предоставляется скидка 5 € на вторую и последующих собак во взрослых классах.



Щенки: 6 — 9 месяцев

Юниоры: 9 — 18 месяцев

Промежуточный: 15 — 24 месяцев

Открытый:с 15 месяцев

Рабочий: с 15 месяцев (только FCI международный рабочий сертификат)

Чемпион: с 15 месяцев

Ветераны: старше 8 лет

Изменение класса после регистрации 20 €



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